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Solution for Android Call Recording

One of our customers brought to our attention that starting with Android 9 “software-based” call recording no longer works. Android 10 also has this limitation. This article is a quick reference for people looking for a Solution for Android Phone Call Recording.

Because of this newly imposed limitation, you can no longer download an app from the Play store to record your phone calls. Reportedly these Android apps no longer work properly. This is a limitation introduces on Android 9 at a system level, so there is no way around it.

Well, I read the only way around that software-based call recording restriction if to root your phone. That is, if you root your Android phone you would be able to circumvent this limitation. But of course, rooting your phone is not an only a time-consuming process, but unless you root your phone. Some pros and cons of rooting your phone can be found in this article.

If you’re not about rooting your phone, please consider the RECAP audio adapters are an alternative for Android phone call recording without root your phone. RECAP audio adapters essentially work like an audio splitter, so you can plug it in your Android phone, then plug your headset to RECAP, and finally plug the output of RECAP into a recorder. The recording device can be a PC, Digital Voice Recorder, or another device such as a tablet or a 2nd phone.

RECAP audio adapter - connection diagram for phone call recording Android and ios iPhone

RECAP comes in two different models. Model S2 outputs Stereo Microphone, so it’s compatible with Digital Voice Recorders and most desktop PCs; Model C output is a combo port, so it works with devices with ‘headset input’. If this solution for Android phone call recording sounds like a good option for you, please browse around to learn the differences between the devices!

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