Top Reasons to Record Phone Calls

We asked our current and prospective RECAP customers why would they want to record phone conversations and based on their responses, and we have compiled the “Top Reasons to Record Phone Calls”. Of course, each company or individual may have different reasons for the call recording, so take this article just as one data point in your research.

Without further delay, here’s what people are saying about their main reason to recording phone calls:

Customer Statements

“I plan to record a few voice mail items I received from my mother a few years back. I’ve had the messages on my network for so long. But the messages are heartfelt and memorable. My mom’s memory is not the best nowadays and I’d like to keep a lasting voice record of her on CD. Thanks for an innovative and much needed product!”

“Record phone calls. Also, we use Go To Meeting for meetings and training. While GTM provides phone numbers to call into the meeting and VOIP some customers want to use their own toll-free number. This means if we want to record the session, there is no audio! I’m hoping Recap will help here.”

“I’m in the real estate business. I have a lot of problems with different tenants. The best way to get rid of them is to call them and find out about what they are doing and not doing. I find out a lot of things that are reasons for me to throw them out, but today I have no evidence that they said that to me. With RECAP I can record that evidence and use it against them. (I live in a country where it’s legal to record a phone call without the other person knowing about it)”

“I plan to use mine to record long-distance phone interviews. When writing articles about people in movies, there are often really interesting moments in conversation that would be lost with conventional note-taking. With Recap, I can capture those moments, no matter where I happen to be.”

“I used to record my voice mail, but that was when I used a landline. Now I can record my cellphone voice mail before it is erased.

It will be nice to use in certain phone situations where accuracy is imperative. P.S. I am a recovering record-aholic, and I would have my life revolve around my radio show recordings. I just hope this (product) doesn’t trigger me.”

“Contractual negotiation calls and law enforcement interactions but I’m also hoping to be able to send clean audio (live mic or prerecorded) over the connection.”

“Recording telephone threats and abusive comments. Also to record business conversations for review of accuracy.”

“This is a gift for my son, who takes a lot of calls with highly technical data – just thought at times, that this might be of great value. “

“Unfortunately, I have a stalker and could really use this device to help with any restraining order evidence, etc :( “

“Nothing unusual, I just an to record business phone calls long enough to transcribe the important details, so I can deliver everything the caller asked of me.”

Short Statements

“For recording sales calls, customer complaints, and or feedback.”

“I will use my recap to record voicemails and my conference calls for archiving.”

“Recording minutes in phone meetings.”

“Record important conversations, especially loved ones.”

“Lawyer needs to record calls (infrequently).”

“Record phone calls so i can go back and listen to them later.”

“Recording phone calls with potential and actual clients.”

“During business calls and for the customer care.”

In Summary

That’s all folks! I hope you find the above list informative and don’t forget to consider RECAP for your phone call recording solution. No solution is perfect, however, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each approach. Do you have another use case you want to share? Leave a comment below!

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