record phone calls with the RECAP device

Record Phone Calls, Voicemail or Any audio with RECAP

RECAP is the gadget that plugs in Android & iPhone let you record phone calls into the PC. Since it’s hardware, installing any app on your phone is unnecessary. Also, there is NO need to pay-per-use or subscription fees. With RECAP, you own the device outright and can record however much you need.

RECAP records phone calls and also every possible audio in/out of your phone’s audio jack. Easy & simple. No need for complicated 3-way calls. Captures any audio phone plays (YouTube, Skype, HeyTell, MagicJack, Vonage, etc.)

Record Calls, Voicemail or Any audio!

satisfaction2RECAP is an acronym for Record Calls on PC.  The word recap is short for recapitulate, meaning to summarize the main ideas of a speech…and that is the main idea behind this little tool.

Oftentimes, people forget the main points of a phone conversation they had. Even if the call just took place. RECAP lets users go back and listen through the recordings to recap what was said. Other uses include:

  • Interview people over the phone. There is no need to jot down during the call; just record and transcribe it later!
  • Record conference calls. Later, play it back to create meeting minutes. Email participants meeting audio file. Store for future reference.
  • Save the great stories from elderly parents and make it easier to pass them to the next generation.
  • Preserve old voicemails of loved ones as memories (I wish I could have helped this dad: )
  • You can also record “For call quality and training purposes,” just like big business does.
  • Record and keep for your personal records calls with insurance, phone, cable, and other companies


RECAP In Action: Record Phone Calls

RECAP ready to record phone calls!

RECAP is an audio adapter that takes what you say and hear in a voice call and lets your PC capture the sound. Connect it to the phone, headset & PC MIC port. Then, you are ready to record.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with RECAP for any reason, you can return it within 14 days and get a refund. NO HASSLE. RECAP also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. See Terms & Conditions.

RECAP is Handmade in the USA!

usa_flagRECAP’s enclosures are made using 3D printing technology. The material is ABS thermoplastic (the same material as Lego). Each unit is then manually assembled in the US (here in Minnesota). RECAP is presently considered a handmade product; therefore, each unit will have unique features when compared to another and to a high-volume electronic production. RECAP’s surface may have irregular finish, coloration, texture, shine, and dimensions. Below is the texture & finish of the enclosures for reference. Click on the photo to see a zoomed-in photo. Make sure you’re comfortable with its aesthetic prior to buying one.

RECAP texture & finish – Click to zoom


…RECAP makes a great gift…

“This is a gift for my son, who takes a lot of calls with highly technical data – just thought at times, that this might be of great value. “

…a handy tool for your job…

“Record phone calls. Also we use Go To Meeting for meetings and training. While GTM provides phone numbers to call in to the meeting and VOIP some customers want to use their own toll free number. This means if we want to record the session, there is no audio! I’m hoping Recap will help here.”

“I’m in real estate business. I have a lot of problems with different tenants. The best way to get rid of them is to call them and find out about what they are doing and not doing. I find out a lot of things that are reasons for me to throw them out, but today I have no evidence that they said that to me. With RECAP I can record that evidence and use against them. (I live in a country where it’s legal to record a phone call without the other person knowing about it)”

…Podcasters love it…

“I plan to use mine to record long distance phone interviews. When writing articles about people in movies, there are often really interesting moments in conversation that would be lost with conventional note taking. With Recap, I can capture those moments, no matter where I happen to be.”

“I used to record my voice mail, but that was when I used a landline. Now I can record my cellphone voice mail before it is erased.

It will be nice to use in certain phone situations where accuracy is imperative. P.S. I am a recovering record-aholic. I would have my life revolve around my radio show recordings. I just hope this (product) doesn’t trigger me.”